October 2019, September 2019
Project Management, Social Media
Czech Repubic
Czech or Slovak

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Start: September 2019, October 2019
Duration: up to 5 months
Working language: Czech/Slovak

Who are we?

We are an international human rights defending NGO that protects people all around the world. We create petitions that are signed by those people who agree with the content. These signatures go straight to the governments of the countries and create an international pressure that (in many cases) leads to an improvement of the situation. Start the Change project targets on groups of students or young people at the age of 15 until 25 who care of the world and want to change things. They are supposed to work regurarly in teams (2-10 people), find topics of their interest and finally organize a project, event, festival, exibition or whatever of their choice. Amnesty International is supposed to help them, give them all the materials needed, coordinate their organization and the office may give them a grant (up to 4000 czech crowns/event) to support their journey.

What are the main tasks?

  1. Social media – editing the Facebook and Instagram page, adding posts and photos everyday (or once in two days), Facebook/Instagram site promotion online (once in two weeks, promoting via similar Facebook pages)
  2. Physical promotion of Start the Change project – via telephone, email, personal meetings with students, schools, teachers (every month, work is regionally divided – every month we care of one specific czech region); spreading posters around schools, students’ institutions, associations etc. (once in a week, depends on the efectivity of the work)
  3. Planning of the strategy of the project, planning of the new ways of promoting (1-2 days a week, work in the office)
  4. Other things connected to the project that will be added at random – translations, making audiovisual spots, traveling all across the Czech Republic, preparation of the project bases etc. (1-2 days a week)

What do we expect from you?

No special qualifications needed. It would be fine if the trainee was interested in the online world of social media, was optimistic and responsible for his/her work (so that it would not be needed to repeat the work agenda everyday, as this work is regurarly recurring). As we do a lot of work online, it would be nice to have someone who knew how to use programmes like Adobe, MS Office, Canva (or another Photo Editor). We need someone flexible (as the work is sometimes random and changes quickly), someone who likes traveling, someone talkative and reliable.

What knowledge and skills can you gain during the internship?

Work in the field of social media, communication with institutions, marketing and PR. The trainee will be trained to teach at schools, organize a educational project called Human Libraries, make and present human Rights workshops and train other people to do so. The trainee will learn the basis of NGOs daily work, gain the knowledge of the Human Rights topic together with the knowledge of Sustainable development.

What is the selection process?

The trainee needs to send a CV and Motivational Letter. After this first step, we consider the trainee’s skills and ablities and the capability to do this job, then we agree on a date of the (online, skype) interview. After the interview, we have 3 days to decide whether the potencial trainee is accepted for the traineeship or not and we send this information to the trainee within this time. If a trainee is accepted, we sign the forms (Erasmus+ form, Amnesty International contract) on the pre-arranged period and figure out the specific and detailed work agenda. And that is it! 🙂