About Us

WorkSpace Europe is a Slovak non profit training organisation specialized on preparation of higher education students for entering the European labour market and meeting the current needs of employers.

WorkSpace Europe was established in 2011 by a team of dedicated people experienced in managing EU mobility projects who believe that work experience abroad is one of the most effective way of preparing the young graduates for the current world of practice.

WorkSpace Europe is curently the most experienced Slovak training organisation in the area of Erasmus+ internships.  We organize internships for slovak HE students abroad as well as internships for foreign students in Slovakia.

We closely cooperate with both employers and higher education institutions to help connecting these two worlds while reflecting the current needs of Slovak and EU region. We are a proud member of several Slovak and international business and educational associations, chambers of commerce and professional networks active in the area of business – academic cooperation.

WorkSpace Europe is 1st Slovak Erasmus+ mobility consortium in higher education area

WorkSpace Europe is also the founder and coordinator of the 1st and only Slovak Consortium of Higher education institutions for Erasmus+ traineeships. The consortium groups 12 major public and private Slovak universities.

As a consortium coordinator, we manage and administrate the Erasmus+ traineeships for students of member universities and help them to find host organisations for their traineeships abroad and oversee their quality and progress.

We are a proud member of exchange platforms: Leonet, Praxis, EAEC,

Member universities of WorkSpace Europe consortium